LIFE-this four lettered word has the greatest meaning in his whole world. Some get life to be great while some get it to pour down all that is evil in them. Life teaches us many things. It teaches us to be good yet it teaches us to be so bad that the young boy who is carrying warm blood in their veins is not bothered to think that the woman whom he is harassing can be his own mother. It’s not his mother’s fault that she gave birth to such a child; it’s the fault of the society which molds them like that. It forces us to do what we don’t want to do and we pursue that force and become CRIMINALS… Life teaches us to be innocent yet we carry guilt in ourselves, the guilt that we aren’t able to protest against what is known is not right. Life teaches us to be brave, brave like those who sacrificed their lives for the sake of those who were being tortured and were weak, but there are even men in the society who mistake this bravery as the power to torture and harass the women who they THINK to be weak and inferior… Life gives us power, the power to raise our voice against the evil and corrupt but again people in this society who misuse this power to make MONEY(according to all the thing which can buy everything…), to sell human beings, to do bad business.

I am Adi and this is the story of my death. I did not commit suicide yet I was blamed doing so. I think the so called HUMAN BEINGS have forgotten the simple difference between a murder and a suicide. I had a small family as everyone has. I had my mother my father my small sister. That’s it. We lived a happy life. Happy in the sense my father earned that much money that could keep us alive and we were quite happy with that much. I was a good student and was on the search of a job as father had grown old and could no longer carry out his duties. I was a normal boy until that day came when I had to die for my parents. Everyone comes into this world for being normal but only a few become extraordinary and I was one among them. I am proud of that. I am proud to be dead as death did not come to me, I went to death.

From my childhood I had completely different views on this world. I was practically against everything. Nothing was right and till date I don’t think that everything is right. Nothing can be right as long as people are selfish, mean and self-centered. Nobody except my family understood me as I protested against each and every wrong happening around me. What seemed wrong to me wasn’t to everyone as it was common. People are so habituated with the wrong things that they call it to be “OKAY” but I had different views. Unfortunately no one understood them. Like for example what will u say when u see a temple? It’s a place of worship and people go there to fulfill their dreams and lots more. I will say it’s a pace of doing business. People have gone so down that they aren’t hesitating to do business with GOD.I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings about God but that’s the truth. People have become so self-centered that on road if u ask them the time they will ask u “WHY DIDN’T YOU WEAR YOUR WATCH…?” These are very small things that I am talking about. How did those people think that they will murder my parents and I will stand and support them…?

It was the night of the last day of Durga Puja when we were returning home late at night after bidding bye to Maa Durga. We didn’t have a car as a result of which we were walking back home. My sister was at home as she was small and we couldn’t take the risk of taking her out on such a day when all the streets are blocked with people. On the street some men were smoking and drinking some liquor. They were five in number. As we were passing them they got up from their place and came to us. I was about to tell them to leave our way when my father spoke out” Yes, how can we help you…?” He knew my habit. Immediately a hand landed on my mother’s shoulder and a man snatched the chain which my mother wore. She had got it from my grandmother. My father reacted. He shouted (he couldn’t do anything else as he was old and was suffering from many diseases)”What the hell are you doing?” All the five of them took out knives and guns which were hidden in their pockets as a child hides chocolates from his mother. I became alert. I ran to the policeman who was sitting at the corner of the lane.

I pushed him and woke him up. He was SLEEPING on duty. I said” My parents are in danger. Please help us. They will kill us.” Till here I think that u are thinking this is a normal story and the policeman will rush to the spot and save our lives. Hear the reply and then judge if this normal “What can I do if they kill you? I am sitting here just for the sake of sitting. The government will pay me and that why I am here.” I was shocked but didn’t have the time to say anything. I rushed to the spot again and found that they were on the verge f killing my father who had refused to give them all they had. I was thinking that this is the state of our administration where a happy small family doesn’t get any protection. For what did the man become a policeman..? Just to earn money? If that is the case hats off to him. Whole life after dreaming that he will be a honest policeman he sits and ignores to protect three innocent creatures. It could for the fear of those criminals or what he said was the truth but I wasn’t afraid off them… I pushed my parents off and shouted” Go Maa goo Baba run from here and save yourselves I will reach home” They denied to do so but I requested them. Finding no way out they followed what I said and ran as fast as their weak legs could carry them. I had promised them that I would reach home but the word ‘alive’ was missing.

Next day they found my dead body on the courtyard. Few people had found my dead body and seeing my address in my voter id card they had brought home.  I fulfilled my promise. I always did. My father knew that…Next day the papers published that I had committed suicide and in the news it showed that the people who murdered me giving interviews that they had seen me jumping into the river and dying. They themselves had brought my dead body to my house…This is NOW. This will be FUTURE and lots like ADI will die if no one suppresses one ADI like me who can be a REVOLUTION…



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